FreeTileZ (UIQ 3.0) 1.9

Join up the smilies to score points


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Two game modes


  • Graphically weak
  • Not very original

Not bad

Being a big fan of MSN Messenger, I love smilies and the one thing I hate is to see them imprisoned. So imagine my horror when I discovered that a load of them have been locked up in a game called FreeTileZ.

Naturally I was eager to install the puzzler on my Nokia and start rescuing the little critters and soon found myself facing a familiar gaming scenario.

Basically the aim of FreeTileZ is to join matching smilies together in lines of three or more. Once they're joined they are set free and you get a whole bunch of points to boot.

As usual in this kind of game, the longer the lines, the more points you get. And the more points you get, the harder the game becomes. There are two different game modes to challenge you - Classic and Timed, and both make for an enjoyable gaming experience.

As you'd expect from a Tetris/Columns-style puzzle game, it's pretty darn addictive and once you start racking up combos you'll find it difficult to put down.

That said, FreeTileZ offers nothing we haven't seen before. Graphically, the game pieces aren't very inspiring and the backgrounds are pretty obscure.

FreeTileZ is a little game done with gruiq. net in which you may align at least three smilies. Once of row of faces is complete they disappear from the game board and you score points.



FreeTileZ (UIQ 3.0) 1.9

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